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Macon’s Martial Arts, Inc.

974B S Bennett St.
Southern Pines
Phone: 866-318-3307
Discount: Free 30-Day Membership, Free Uniform with Registration
We teach families the secrets of how to raise better behaved, more successful children. Our martial arts program gives your kids the tools to realize an increased attention span, improved behavior and, greater self-control. They not only learn to kick, block and punch. The discipline of karate also teaches leadership and life skills.

Krav Maga is taught internationally in several variations. The Israeli Defense Forces as well as many other military and law enforcement organizations use some variation of Krav Maga for personal defense. Krav Maga emphasizes threat neutralization and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers. The focus of Krav Maga is to end a fight quickly and decisively. We will teach you self defense strategies against common attacks such as chokes, headlocks, shoves and bear hugs. This is not a martial arts class. This is a Krav Maga class. We emphasize fitness, self-defense and confidence.

At Macon’s Martial Arts, we believe in hard work, discipline, fitness and determination. Don’t misunderstand us, we like to have a lot of fun as well. But, at the end of the day, you want results. This class is for ordinary people to learn to defend themselves in case they’re attacked. Your fitness level is not important. We will work at your level.
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