Xcell Repair Plus

10564 US 150591 Hwy
Southern Pines
Phone: 910-988-4279
With over 10 years of experience we have seen our fair share of just about everything that can be done to devices! From smartphones and tablets that have been run over by vehicles, thrown, punched, dropped from a building, taken a dive in a pool, and so many others.

Why People Trust Us

Quick & Convenient Repair Process

We understand that your device is very important and getting in back to working order quickly is our priority. Most smartphone repairs can be completed in 30-45 minutes. We operate on a “first come first serve” unless your device falls under a longer repair timeframe, or a replacement part needs to be ordered. For more information give us a call and one of our technicians will be glad to help. 

Professional Tecnicians

All our technicians have long history in the repair field and have repaired numerous smartphones, tablets, and computers. These include a large range of makes and models from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, and more.

Carefully Selected Quality Parts

We strive to provide the highest quality parts, or Authorized (OEM) if available from our trusted suppliers that have met our standard in quality and performance. As usual, if you experience any issues with our replacement parts let us know and we will service it at no additional cost.

Conveniently Located in Southern Pines

We moved from Pinehurst in 2020 to our new location in Southern Pines. We have been in business 10+ years and continue to serve our community and offer quality service at affordable rates.

Lifetime Warranty

All our screen replacements are backed by a lifetime warranty. We guarantee our screen replacements for life, as long as there is no physical damage or deep scratches. Once it passes our inspection and we determine it valid for warranty replacement, we will proceed to replace it at no additional charge.
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