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Dr Ray and Michele Lupkas, of Pinehurst, have already lived an amazing adventure. Raising four children, multiple pets, and volunteering in and out of Moore County area through a myriad of charity ventures, they decided to create a company that will give people the opportunity to feel good on the inside and look their best on the outside – giving them the chance to give back to the community that gave so much to their family.

Destined to be born in our Moore county area, Juvo MedSpa did not happen overnight. Dr Ray and Michele studied and took many classes in preparation for this new adventure. Michele reflects, “As we saw how many pieces had to fit together, apprehension got the better of us and we dragged our feet. Deep down we knew there was something else needed in the creation of Juvo MedSpa” ….Enter Destiny!

In the meantime, Michele who has always loved children decided to fill her time and help a local entrepreneur mom with her three daughters, ranging in ages from two to six. After seeing how this military family cared for each other, Michele was smitten with not only the children but the family; a new relationship was born. Sharing her life story and dreams with her new-found friend, Nicole, of Complete Home Staging, prior Miss United States who just so happened to help her cousin open a successful MedSpa in Scottsdale, AZ was more than ready to help fellow veteran Dr Ray and Michele realize their dreams. Scottsdale is at the forefront of MedSpa technology, Nicole's association and knowledge will help bring cutting edge technology to Moore county.

They spent the next few months determining what staple and unique services would be most appreciated by not only the local community but also include some requests from our soldiers. And with that, word of Juvo MedSpa began to spread. Head nurse, Heather Rodriguez, a true wonder woman, mother of five, prior military nurse and military spouse, quickly joined the mix. She has hit the ground running not only with growing Juvo’s team but creating relationships with the companies they with be working with to offer the best amenities. As information is released here on Facebook regarding the newest additions to the Juvo team and services that will be provided, one thing to remember is that Juvo will be offering special discounts every day to all of our military families and first responders as a way of thanking those who give first. So, keep an eye out for Juvo MedSpa updates- The best is yet to come.

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